Capitol Policeman John Cale Has Just Been Denied His Dream Job With The Secret Service of Protecting President James Sawyer. Not Wanting To Let Down His Little Girl With The News, He Takes Her On a Tour of The White House, When The Complex Is Overtaken By a Heavily Armed Paramilitary Group. Now, With The Nation’s Government Falling Into Chaos And Time Running Out, It’s Up To Cale To Save The President, His Daughter, And The Country.

2013-06-28 22:03

Gerry Lane And His Family Were Sitting In What Appeared To Be a Typical Traffic Jam When Helicopters Began To Circle Ominously Overhead. When Gerry Learns That The Catalyst For The Turmoil Is a Highly Contagious Virus That Transforms Normal People Into Rampaging Maniacs, And That Legions of The Infected Are Growing On All Continents, He Agrees To Join His Former Colleagues In Discovering The Source of The Rampant Plague, And Prevent It From Bringing The Downfall of Humanity.

2013-06-21 14:03

Gabe Walker Is The Leader of a Mountain Rescue Team Who Loses His Nerve After Witnessing An Amateur Climber Fall To Her Death. When a Group of Ingenious Fugitives Survive a Plane Crash, And Take His Ex-Girlfriend And His Former Climbing Partner Hostage, Walker Must Overcome His Fears And Climb The Mountain To Take On The Well-Armed Gang.

2013-06-15 15:53

Born On The Planet of Krypton, Kal-El Is Sent By His Parents To Live On Planet Earth, Where He Is Given The Name Clark By Kindly Farmer Jonathan And His Wife, Martha, Who Raise Him As If He Were Their Own Son. As a Young Boy, Clark Displays Incredible Super-Powers That Instill Him With a Profound Sense of Personal Responsibility. When His New World Is Attacked By a Force That Humans Are Powerless To Defend Themselves Against, Clark Assumes The Identity of Superman And Fights To Protect The Entire Human Race.

2013-06-14 12:06

Frank, Joe, Marvin And Victoria Used To Be The CIA’s Top Agents, But The Secrets They Know Just Made Them The Agency’s Top Targets. Now Framed For Assassination, They Must Use All of Their Collective Cunning, Experience And Teamwork To Stay One Step Ahead of Their Deadly Pursuers And Stay Alive.

2013-05-29 15:23

Agent Hobbs Enlists The Aid of Dom, Brian And The Crew To Help Bring An Organization of Lethally Skilled Mercenary Drivers, Led By Shaw, To Justice. In Exchange For Clear Records, They Must Put An End To Their Schemes, No Matter How Personal The Cost.

2013-05-24 12:59

Determined To Protect a Sacred Text That Promises To Save Humanity, Eli Goes On a Quest Westward Across The Barren, Post-Apocalyptic Country. But When He Stops In a Decrepit Desert Town, The Town’s Tyrannical Leader Plots To Take The Book By Force.

2013-05-18 23:00

Ex-CIA Operative Ben Logan Has Been Long Estranged From His Young Daughter. That Instantly Changes When Both Are Mysteriously Targeted For Termination, And All Evidence of Logan’s Life Is Erased. Pursued By a Relentless, Enigmatic Agent, The Two Go On The Run In Search of The Truth.

2013-05-17 17:11

John McClane Teams With Civilian Zeus Carver To Prevent The Loss of Innocent Lives. McClane Thought He’d Seen It All, Until An Evil Genius Engages McClane, Carver And His City In a Deadly Game.

2013-05-14 13:27

A Suicide Bombing In Indonesia Has Left The Sultana Dead, And American FBI Agent Jake Was The Last Person To Speak With Her Before The Attack Took Place. Determined To Bring Her Killer To Justice, Jake Teams Up With Muslim Detective Hashim To Track Down The Mastermind of The Operation, An Opportunistic Terrorist Named Malik. Now, In The World’s Largest Muslim Country, Two Unlikely Partners Will Forge a Fragile Alliance In a Bid To Prevent Malik From Pulling Off The Biggest Heist of His Career.

2013-05-10 21:13